From 2006 to 2011, Building Healthy Marriages (BHM) was funded by a grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Families and Children.  It was developed as a collaborative effort of the Weld County Department of Human Services as the grant manager, Community Mediation Project that developed and managed the actual education, coaching and mentoring programs, United Way of Weld County that did marketin´╗┐´╗┐g and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) that conducted research, all with major cooperation from within the faith-based community and other nonprofit agencies. 


During an initial pilot project and the five years of the grant, BHM served more than 5,000 people with marriage and relationship education seminars, relationship inventories and coaching, premarital counseling, and mentoring.  Nearly 3,000 of those from Weld County were researched by UNC and indicated significant improvement in the areas of effective communication and problem solving.  Couples experienced less marital distress and more marital satisfaction as results of their participation in BHM.  The UNC research is accessible on the "RESEARCH" page of this website.

Considering the positive outcomes of the program, we have continued offering our services in Douglas County, Colorado.  But with no government funding we must now charge some minimal fees (although scholarships are also often available).  BHM continues to offer the same empirically-researched, outcomes-based programs that teach the healthy habits for healthy marriages that have been consistently validated by more than four decades of research.


"We had the privilege of establishing Building Healthy Marriages.  Married since 1970, intentionally practicing the skills that we learned more than 40 years ago and now teach has been key to our friendship, intimacy and teamwork.  Our sincere desire is for every couple to enjoy the very best relationship possible."  Alison and Craig Conrad